THE CRICK LEVEL - A Guaranteed Product, Precision-Built for Accuracy and Durability

Over 50 different machines are used in production to ensure precision and dependability. The materials used have been selected for their individual reliability and are assembled by craftsmen dedicated to quality.

1) Hardened 16-gauge stainless steel binding.

2) Ring shank nails of our own design to keep binding tight.

3) 2-piece hardened stainless steel clips for easier cleaning.

4) Chemically tempered 1/8" thick lenses (other companies provide 1/16" lenses) sealed with silicone and secured with stainless steel retainer clips. Do-it-yourself replacement.

5) Hardened 16-gauge stainless steel end caps with black oxide screws.

6) Wood is sealed with penetrating type oil, ready for your own maintenance care.

7) Vials are guaranteed to an acuracy of .015" in length of level.

Crick Tool Wood Level